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Meghalaya Government Tenders, Meghalaya PWD Tenders, Shillong Tenders

Meghalaya; ISO 3166-2:ML, came in to existence on 21 January 1972 has total population of 2,966,889 which is spread over an area of 22,720 Sq KM. The capital of Meghalaya is Imphal and the official language of Meghalaya is English.        

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Meghalaya Government Tenders, Meghalaya PWD Tenders, Shillong Tenders
ISO 3166-2 IN-ML
Vehicle Code ML
Zone North-Eastern
Capital Shillong
Largest City Shillong
Statehood 21-Jan-1972
Population 2,966,889
Area (km2) 22,720
Official Language English
Meghalaya Tenders | eProcurement Meghalaya | Meghalaya Govt Tenders


City :Shillong

Supply Installation Testing and Commissioning of Campus Ict Infrastructure on Turnkey Basis at the Permanent Campus Nit Meghalaya Sohra Cherrapunjee Campus

TOT Ref No.: 64857483

Value: NA

Deadline: 28 Apr 2022

EMD: ₹ 2500000


City :Shillong

Special Repair to Roads from Unit Main Gate to Officers Mess and Infront of Depot Area at 21 Mtn Dou Borjhar under Ge Guwahati

TOT Ref No.: 64853618

Value: ₹ 2380000

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

EMD: ₹ 47600


City :Shillong

Repair/Maint of Central Ac Chillar Plant at 19 Wing and Supply of Refrigerant Gas and other Allied Essential Items under Ge (Af) Borjhar

TOT Ref No.: 64853364

Value: ₹ 1928000

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

EMD: ₹ 38560


City :Shillong

Provn of 5 Klpd Etp in 154 Gh at Zakhama Mil Stn

TOT Ref No.: 64853216

Value: ₹ 1438000

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

EMD: ₹ 28760


City :Shillong

Spl Repair to Road at Leimakhong Mil Stn

TOT Ref No.: 64853213

Value: ₹ 14140000

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

EMD: ₹ 216400


City :Shillong

Addition/Alteration to Building no a 76 and a 77 and Spl Repair to Bldg no a 66 (Ipc) of Signal Unit Happy Valley under Ge Shillong.

TOT Ref No.: 64853210

Value: ₹ 4400000

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

EMD: ₹ 88000


City :East Khasi Hills

Stackable Line Array Speaker (Quantity Required: 4)

TOT Ref No.: 64853025

Value: NA

Deadline: 19 Apr 2022

EMD: ₹ 11611.00


City :Shillong

Provn of Bathroom Cum Toilet at Bldg no T192 Single Jcos Accn Septic Tank Behind Jco Mess P24a Hardstanding between Bldg no T06 and T09 Boundary Wall in Front of Bldg no P305 Jco Club Washing Point An...

TOT Ref No.: 64851061

Value: ₹ 4845000

Deadline: 13 Apr 2022

EMD: ₹ 96900


City :Shillong

Ca No.Ge(I)(Af)/Shl of 2021-22.Provision of Transit Accomodation for Officers at Hq Eac(U) under Ge (I) (Af) Shillong

TOT Ref No.: 64851059

Value: ₹ 3250000

Deadline: 02 Apr 2022

EMD: ₹ 65000


City :Shillong

Provn of Fan, Water Cooler, Deep Freezer and Air Conditioner and Provn of Parking Shed Near Bldg no t 02 in a Mess at Rms.

TOT Ref No.: 64851047

Value: ₹ 4050000

Deadline: 02 Apr 2022

EMD: ₹ 81000


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More Information About Meghalaya

Meghalaya eProcurement:


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Meghalaya Government Department Tenders

  • Agriculture Department, Meghalaya
  • Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department, Meghalaya
  • Arts and Culture Department, Meghalaya


Meghalaya Government Boards / Undertakings

  • Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE)
  • Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL), Shillong
  • Meghalaya Non-Conventional and Rural Energy Development Agency


Meghalaya Statutory Bodies & Commissions

  • Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC), Meghalaya
  • Meghalaya State Commission for Protection of Child Rights
  • National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Meghalaya


Meghalaya Districts Tenders

  • East Garo Hills Tenders
  • East Khasi Hills Tenders
  • East Jaintia Hills Tenders
  • North Garo Hills Tenders
  • Ri Bhoi Tenders
  • South Garo Hills Tenders
  • South West Garo Hills Tenders
  • South West Khasi Hills Tenders
  • West Jaintia Hills Tenders
  • West Garo Hills Tenders
  • West Khasi Hills Tenders


Meghalaya Urban Local Bodies/ Smart Cities/ Municipalities, Panchyats

  • Smart city Tenders in Meghalaya
  • Shillong Smart City Tenders


Meghalaya Tenders From Other Sectors/Organizations:

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