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Rajasthan is a state of India. Rajasthan state covers an area of 342,239 square kilometres.  It is the largest state by area. This state is located on the north-western side of India. Hindi is an official language of Rajasthan. The population of Rajasthan is 8.1 Crores.  

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Electronic procurement Rajasthan or e-Procurement Rajasthan alludes to the procedure of procurement and offer of services and products through electronic strategies, fundamentally the Internet. It is an option of the manual cycle of procurement, and is absolutely better than the last in numerous respects.

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An e-Procurement Rajasthan solution can computerize the entire cycle, in this way saving the associations from the issue and inconsistencies engaged with manual procurement.

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Different agencies of Rajasthan government:

Tendersontime includes different organizations of Rajasthan state. Some important organizations are given below:

  • Panchayati raj tenders Rajasthan
  • Construction Tenders Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Civil works Tenders
  • PWD Tenders Rajasthan
  • Civil works Tenders Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Municipal Corporation Tenders
  • Rajasthan Irrigation Tenders
  • Rajasthan PWD Tenders
  • Rajasthan PMGSY Tenders
  • Irrigation Tenders Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan PMGSY Tenders
  • Rajasthan Energy Tenders
  • Power Tenders Rajasthan
  • Roads Tenders Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Board Tender
  • Nagar Palika Tenders Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Corporation Tenders
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  • E-Procurement Rajasthan prompts an impressive decrease in the time associated with the procurement process.
  • Offer transparency results because of an effective execution of such a platform.
  • An e-Procurement Rajasthan Portal can radically build the market reach for both suppliers just as a purchaser.
  • Provides continuous updates for merchants, the executives, partners and accomplices, just as the opportunity to minister and store procurement information.
  • E-Procurement Rajasthan can handle the negligence of cartel development to a great extent.
  • It guarantees safety of all the data being given by clients. This information security is now and again undermined in the manual procurement process.
  • Offers a user-friendly platform to all e procurement Rajasthan processes, giving partners and managers an incorporated platform for overseeing and evaluating.
  • In conclusion, as e-Procurement Rajasthan portal decreases and simplifies the steps involved, it additionally prompts a noteworthy cost cutting.
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Tendersontime is intended to streamline the normal Rajasthan procurement process. Rather than manually doing things, for example, trading contracts, conveying delicate records and rounding out provider onboarding polls, the whole cycle is automated. It additionally mixes components of obtainment and fund to streamline tasks between the two.

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Industry Sectors Covered in Rajasthan:

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Rajasthan Infrastructure Tenders, Rajasthan Environment Tenders, Rajasthan Defence Tenders, Rajasthan security tenders, Rajasthan IT Tenders, Rajasthan Software Tenders, panchayati raj tenders Rajasthan, Rajasthan Oil and Gas Tenders, Rajasthan Printing Tenders and Rajasthan construction tenders.

Database for Rajasthan tenders:

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Tendersontime gathers opportunities from different sources in Rajasthan.  Some examples are:

  • Rajasthan e procurement tenders list
  • Rajasthan e tender portal
  • Rajasthan government tenders sites
  • Rajasthan tender bulletin
  • Rajasthan e procurement tenders list
  • Rajasthan tender websites
  • Rajasthan government tender bulletin and more
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If you are facing any issue then you can contact our support team. They will assist you to resolve your problem. We will be happy to assist you. Rajasthan; ISO 3166-2:RJ, came in to existence on 1 November 1956 has total population of 68,548,437 which is spread over an area of 342,269 Sq KM. The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur and the official language of Rajasthan is Hindi.           

Tendersontime provides information on latest Rajasthan Tenders, e Tender Rajasthan and Rajasthan Government Tenders, published from various organizations of Rajasthan Government. Visitors can search business opportunities from largest Tender Database for Rajasthan Government tenders, e tender Rajasthan, Online Tender Notices published in Rajasthan.         


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eproc Rajasthan Tender, PWD Rajasthan tender, eproc Rajasthan by location
ISO 3166-2 IN-RJ
Vehicle Code RJ
Zone Northern
Capital Jaipur
Largest City Jaipur
Statehood 01-Nov-1956
Population 68,548,437
Area (km2) 342,269
Official Language Hindi
Rajasthan Government Tenders, eProcurement, etender,  eProcurementRajasthan

Rajasthan Tenders By Authority


City :Alwar

Cleaning Equipment and Other Materials Supply Work

TOT Ref No.: 64860720

Value: ₹ 800000.00

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

Value: NA


City :Alwar

Fixing Work in Various Types of Benner Printing

TOT Ref No.: 64860701

Value: ₹ 300000.00

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

Value: NA


City :Jaisalmer

Snowflake / Summer Supplies

TOT Ref No.: 64860700

Value: ₹ 900000.00

Deadline: 06 Apr 2022

Value: NA


City :Jaisalmer

Capital Maintenance

TOT Ref No.: 64860699

Value: ₹ 500000.00

Deadline: 06 Apr 2022

Value: NA


City :Alwar

Stationary Supply and Paper Momsty Work

TOT Ref No.: 64860698

Value: ₹ 450000.00

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

Value: NA


City :Alwar

Different Tent Samayan and Welcome Door Work

TOT Ref No.: 64860697

Value: ₹ 700000.00

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

Value: NA


City :Alwar

Catching a Stray Monkey

TOT Ref No.: 64860696

Value: ₹ 450000.00

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

Value: NA


City :Alwar

Jacid Muay Driver

TOT Ref No.: 64860695

Value: ₹ 900000.00

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

Value: NA


City :Alwar

Computer Operator May Data Operator

TOT Ref No.: 64860694

Value: ₹ 500000.00

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

Value: NA


City :Jaipur

Four Workers Construction Aquial Meeting Buinement of Naratpura

TOT Ref No.: 64860693

Value: ₹ 500000.00

Deadline: 04 Apr 2022

Value: NA


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Value: ₹ {{rowDetails.purchaser_value}}

Value: NA

Deadline: {{rowDetails.Bid_Deadline_1}}

EMD: ₹ {{rowDetails.purchaser_emd}}


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More Information About Rajasthan



Rajasthan Government Department Tenders

  • Agriculture Department, Rajasthan
  • Animal Husbandry Department, Rajasthan
  • Archaeology and Museums Department, Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan health department tenders
  • Rajasthan rajya vidyut utpadan nigam limited tenders
  • Rajasthan police tenders
  • water resources department Rajasthan tender


Rajasthan Government Boards / Undertakings

  • Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd, (AJMER DISCOM)
  • Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan
  • Board of Technical Education, Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan electricity board tenders


Rajasthan Statutory Bodies & Commissions

  • Rajasthan Council of Secondary Education
  • Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA)
  • Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority


Rajasthan Districts Tenders

  • Ajmer Tenders
  • Alwar Tenders
  • Bikaner Tenders
  • Barmer Tenders
  • Banswara Tenders
  • Bharatpur Tenders
  • Baran Tenders
  • Bundi Tenders
  • Bhilwara Tenders
  • Churu Tenders
  • Chittorgarh Tenders


Rajasthan Urban Local Bodies/ Smart Cities/ Municipalities, Panchyats

  • Jaipur Smart City Tenders
  • Udaipur Smart City Tenders
  • Ajmer Smart City Tenders
  • Kota Smart City Tenders


Rajasthan Tenders From Other Organizations:

  • GIS tenders in Rajasthan
  • PWD tenders in Rajasthan
  • IT  Tenders in Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Software Tenders
  • manpower tender in Rajasthan